Full Committee

The Power of Connection: Peer-to-Peer Businesses
On Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at 1:00 P.M., the Committee on Small Business held a hearing titled, ​The Power of Connection: Peer-to-Peer Businesses.  The hearing was held in Room 2360 of the Rayburn House Office Building.

The purpose of the hearing was to examine the rise of this distinctive business model and its ability to create or advance the development of microentrepreneurs and small businesses.


Opening Statement:

Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO)

Witnesses and Testimony:

  • Dr. Arun Sundararajan, Professor and NEC Fellow, Stern School of Business, Head, Social Cities Initiative, Center for Urban Science and Progress, New York University, New York, NY

  • Ms. Beth Stevens, Assistant General Counsel, Sidecar Technologies, Inc., San Francisco, CA
  • Mr. Alan Mond, CEO, 1000 Tools, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI

  • Dr. Philip Auerswald, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, George Mason University, Arlington, VA

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