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09-09-21 Markup

Thursday, September 9, 2021 | 10:00 AM 09-09-21 Markup
The Committee on Small Business will hold a hybrid markup at 10:00 A.M. (EDT) on Thursday, September 9, 2021, in Room 2360 of the Rayburn House Office Building and on Zoom. Members who wish to participate remotely may do so via Zoom, information to be provided separately. The Committee will consider Committee Print (providing for reconciliation pursuant to S. Con. Res. 14, the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2022).

To watch a livestream of the markup, please click here

Markup Notice 

Committee Print 



Mr. Luetkemeyer Amendment 1v1

Mr. Luetkemeyer Amendment 2v1

Mr. Hagedorn Amendment 1v1

Mr. Hagedorn Amendment 2v1

Mr. Stauber Amendment 1v1

Mr. Stauber Amendment 2v1

Mr. Meuser Amendment 1v1

Mr. Meuser Amendment 2v1

Ms. Tenney Amendment 1v1

Ms. Tenney Amendment 2v1

Mr. Garbarino Amendment 1v1

Mr. Garbarino Amendment 2v1

Ms. Young Kim Amendment 1v1

Ms. Young Kim Amendment 2v1

Ms. Van Duyne Amendment 1v1

Ms. Van Duyne Amendment 2v1

Mr. Donalds Amendment 1v1

Mr. Donalds Amendment 2v1

Mr. Fitzgerald Amendment 1v1

Mr. Fitzgerald Amendment 2v1 

Tally Sheets:

En Bloc #1- Recorded Vote

En Bloc #2 - Recorded Vote 

Garbarino 2v1- Recorded Vote

Luetkemeyer 1v1- Recorded Vote

Velazquez Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute - Recorded Vote

Adoption of Committee Print, as amended - Voice Vote

Transmittal to House Budget Committee - Recorded Vote

Luetkemeyer 1v1

Luetkemeyer 2v1

Hagedorn 1v1

Hagedorn 2v1

Stauber 1v1

Stauber 2v1

Meuser 1v1

Meuser 2v1

Tenney 1v1 

Tenney 2v1

Garbarino 1v1

Garbarino 2v1 

Young Kim 1v1

Young Kim 2v1

Van Duyne 1v1

Van Duyne 2v1

Donalds 1v1

Donalds 2v1

Fitzgerald 1v1

Fitzgerald 2v1 

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