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Graves Backs Budget Bill to Require a PLAN

Washington, February 6, 2013 -

WASHINGTON, D.C.— House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) today voted for the Require a PLAN Act, H.R. 444, which passed 253-167, and called on President Obama to put forward a serious fiscal plan without further delay.

For nearly four years, the Senate has failed to pass a budget, and the President missed Monday’s deadline for submitting a budget, a pattern repeated four of the past five years. How can the President claim to be serious about addressing the debt and not put forth a budget?  The House Republicans’ legislation insists the President lay out his plan to the American people that would restore the nation’s fiscal spending boundaries.

“A responsible federal budget is essential to getting our nation back on track, and providing more economic certainty to small businesses,” said Chairman Graves. “Small companies have to do a budget, so should the federal government. The country needs President Obama and the Senate to step up and join House Republicans in a serious effort to restore the nation’s fiscal strength. The country faces a massive debt, a trillion dollar deficit and now a shrinking economy. These are serious times.”