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ALL Small Businesses Deserve a Break from Obamacare
Graves Backs Health Law Delay to Give Relief to Small Businesses, Including Sole Proprietors

Washington, July 16, 2013 -

House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) today announced his support for delaying the burdens of the health care law until 2015 to give small businesses, including millions of sole proprietors, another year to prepare, and help reduce the damage from the “train wreck” in the administration’s implementation of the law.

The Internal Revenue Service estimates that there are 23 million sole proprietors (owners of unincorporated small businesses) that bolster the economy with a net combined income of $323 billion, and they are subject to the individual mandate of the health care law. According to a recent survey, nearly 25 percent of sole proprietors do not have health insurance. Of these, 82 percent said they did not have insurance because of the expense.

“In fairness, the administration’s decision to delay part of the health care law must now be applied equitably to all Americans,” said Chairman Graves. “Sadly, some small businesses have reduced employees’ hours or held off hiring in their scramble to comply with this law’s heavy-handed requirements. Today’s release of the latest U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s quarterly small business survey shows that 71 percent of small businesses say the health care law makes it harder to hire. Many sole proprietors are facing decisions about purchasing health care insurance as individuals, and they deserve a break too. Everyone deserves relief from this legislation before it becomes a bigger train wreck. From the beginning, this law has been too far-reaching, too hasty and too partisan.  I will continue to support a complete repeal of this law to replace it with common sense policies that hold down costs, put patients first and won’t overwhelm the small businesses that are so vital to the economy.”

The House will consider two measures this week: