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Chairman Graves’ Statement on August Jobs Report

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Washington, September 2, 2011 | DJ Jordan, Wendy Knox (202.225.5821) | comments
WASHINGTON, DC— House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) today issued the following statement after the U.S. Department of Labor reported that no jobs were created in August and the unemployment rate held at 9.1 percent.

“With unemployment at or above nine percent for 26 consecutive months and zero jobs created in August, it should be more obvious than ever to the Obama administration that we are on the wrong path. It is certainly clear to the 14 million Americans who have been handed a pink slip and have been out of work for months on end.

“Next week, President Obama plans to unveil a jobs plan to the country. If he is as serious about job growth as he says he is, then any plan must include removing barriers for small business owners and entrepreneurs by reining in federal spending, lowering taxes and removing burdensome regulations.

“Small business growth is the answer to our unemployment crisis. Not more Big Government spending plans, not higher taxes and certainly not more onerous regulations. We must put free market solutions into place that will unleash private sector ingenuity and get Americans back on the job.”
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