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Obamacare Glitches and Misinformation Create More Uncertainty For Small Businesses

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Washington D.C., October 1, 2013 | DJ Jordan | comments



On the opening day of Obamacare enrollment, small businesses experienced glitches and misinformation, adding even more uncertainty to the implementation of the law. Today's problems follow a series of delays and confusion dating back to the spring.

Here is what small business owners have told us through the Committee’s interactive website “Small Biz Open Mic” about the impact of the confusion on their businesses.



The time, money and energy spent on DemocratCare to date are absurd and are a continuing drag on the economy. It really goes without saying that small businesses do not have the bandwidth to deal with this complex mess that nobody, including its supporters, understand. The continuing uncertainty about the implementation adds to the uneasiness about the economy.

Alan Crow (Woodland Hills, CA) International Laser Group, September, 2013

The delay in the mandate is only that, a delay. We have received a quote from our insurance provider for our 1/1/14 renewal. It is a 55% increase in premium. We currently provide healthcare insurance to all employees, however, we simply cannot afford a 55% increase in premium. This is a major issue for our business and our employees. The law has to be repealed or substantially changed.

Tom Fotsch (Hartland, WI) EmbedTek LLC, July, 2013

The health care bill was flawed from the get go. Any time someone says let's get it passed then find out what is in it, there is something inherently wrong. Legislation should be clear and understandable. We are forced into this requirement as a good base workforce is in excess of the 50 employees. We have struggled for going on 3 years now just barely making it.

Werner Hoyt (Vallejo, CA) Mare Island Ship Yard LLC, July, 2013

Uncertainty in the tax law and the Affordable Health Care laws is also creating a strain on us, our health care costs have been through the roof.

Donald Gosbee (Arvada, CO) Optimum Systems International, Inc., May, 2013

When we first started our business in 1997 we decided we wanted to share our success with our employees by paying above average market wages, contributing 10% yearly to a SEP for each employee, providing generous vacation and sick leave packages, tuition assistance, and providing health care up to a dollar amount per month (thus far almost every employee's heath care has been covered 100% by AvSafe.) The cost of these benefits continues to increase (consuming 80% of the increase in profits this year). We have been able to keep the cost of health care down by allowing employees to select a policy and health care provider of their choosing and reimbursing that cost. This saves considerable dollars for employees because they are able to select the plans right for them rather than a group plan policies. Group policies are required to provide things such as maternity which an employee may not need. In every case the individual policies have been more cost effective than the group policy. If we are required to change from our current practice to a group plan it will cost both AvSafe and the employee more. Instead of a thanks to those of us who risk it all to start and run a small business we are considered the enemy, the evil rich.

Shelby Edwards (St. Louis, MO) AvSafe LLC, March, 2013

The affordable care act is a joke really. A lot of small businesses like ours are already covering their employees (and our company even covers our employee's dependents 100% at considerable cost). Our health care rates and taxes continue to skyrocket year after year and we don't get anything in return but even higher taxes and health care premium costs. Most of the super sized companies have gone to hiring mostly part-time help so they will be exempt from the penalties for not covering their part-time employees. As a small business, we are more than willing to pay our fair share of the cost but we expect the Wal-Mart's of the world to pay their fair share when it comes to health care. The system is seriously flawed and Obamacare is not doing much to change it.

Denise Cornell (Lathrop, CA) All Steel Fence, Inc., July, 2013


Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurs’ feedback in the process of shaping the very policies that will help determine their business sustainability and growth, Chairman Graves launchedSmall Biz Open Mic in September of 2011.

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