Chabot Small Business Tour Continues

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Washington, September 1, 2015 | comments

Over the last week, Chairman Steve Chabot continued his small business tour of southwest Ohio, visiting with innovative entrepreneurs and small business people who are creating jobs and strengthening their communities.

During his visits a couple issues came up again and again: taxes and regulations. They are the connective tissue between a disruptive startup and a long-established small business; a florist and an electronics manufacturer.  No matter the industry, high, unpredictable tax rates discourage growth and unnecessary red tape siphons resources away from business operations.

Let’s never forget that small businesses employ one of every two working Americans, and entrepreneurs are creating the majority of future job opportunities. But these Americans can’t focus on creating jobs when Washington gets in the way.  

The Small Business Committee is working to make life better for all Americans by removing barriers to capital, reducing unnecessary red tape, and fighting for comprehensive tax reform so that we can create a climate for small business success. 

Check out some of Chairman Chabot’s visits by interacting with the map below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more action. 

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