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Celebrating America's Entrepreneurs

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Washington, November 17, 2015 | comments

Washington - The Small Business Committee today spotlighted the contribution of entrepreneurs to America’s economy during a full committee hearing on National Entrepreneurs’ Day. The Committee heard from a diverse panel of entrepreneurs on how they were able to achieve the American Dream, creating jobs and spurring economic growth in the process. The panel also testified about the challenges of entrepreneurship.

“At a time when business deaths are outnumbering business births, it is vitally important that we do all we can to promote American entrepreneurship,” Chairman Steve Chabot (R-OH) said. “Whether it is making the SBA more efficient, rolling back burdensome regulations or reforming an outdated tax code, America’s entrepreneurs need to know we have their back in these difficult times. National Entrepreneurs’ Day is an opportunity for policymakers from both sides of the aisle to recognize the contributions of our job creators and reaffirm our commitment to help them however we can.”  

Chabot introduced a House resolution earlier this month with Committee Ranking Member Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) recognizing the third Tuesday in November as National Entrepreneurs’ Day. The resolution has strong bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats. 

Key quotes from the hearing: 

“We've come a long way in less than a decade and one thing’s for sure, Ohio is flyover country no more,” said Chris Ostoich, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing, LISNR, Inc. of Cincinnati, OH. “What I found very quickly was this: in any successful entrepreneurial ecosystem, you will always have these three things: entrepreneurs with scalable ideas, investors willing to back those ideas and customers willing to engage and buy products.”

“The cost of compliance is very high,” said Sam Zeitz, CEO and Founder of Touchsuite of Boca Raton, FL. There are many valid instances where regulation is necessary; however, we need to be able to remove as many obstacles as we can for businesses to be successful…. Additionally, the different levels and requirements of regulations by each state make it impractical for small business to compete with larger companies that can absorb those unnecessary costs.”

“I am convinced that military education and service can be a magnificent way to learn how to be an entrepreneur,” said Drew Bartkiewicz, CEO and Founder of lettrs LLC of Collinsville, CT. “It certainly helped me graduate with an MBA the Yale Management School in 1994 and served as the foundation upon which I’ve built my private sector business experience – a pathway that has taken me all across the globe.”

“Like 90% of Etsy sellers, I wish to continue to grow my creative business. I hope this coming year brings more success, and more customers so that I can hire an employee, and perhaps even move into a studio space, rather than continuing to work out of my wonderfully decorated spare bedroom, said Jen Pepper, Owner of PepperSprouts West Newbury, MA. “My dream is not only sell my work, but also create a lasting business that is bigger than myself. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to help make that dream a reality.”
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