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Committee, Administrator McMahon Will Work Together to Build a Better SBA

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Washington, April 5, 2017 | comments

WASHINGTON – In her first Congressional testimony since being confirmed as the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Linda McMahon pledged to work with the House Small Business Committee to make her agency more effective and efficient in helping small businesses by improving capital access, counseling, and government contracting programs.

“This Committee has long believed that the SBA is an agency in need of attention,” said House Small Business Committee Chairman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) at the outset of today’s hearing. “The loan programs that provide crucial access to capital need vigilant oversight. The training and technical assistance programs that reach people through local SBDCs need to keep up with rapidly changing times. Our job is to ensure that SBA’s programs are effectively and efficiently serving the millions of Americans who work at, own, or want to start a small business.”

“We ended the last Congress with a lot of unanswered questions from the SBA about how the agency will address longstanding deficiencies in management, information technology, and program oversight. It’s our intention that today will mark the official start of a collaborative relationship that will address these issues and any more that arise in the future,” Chabot explained.

“Administrator McMahon has a record of spotting opportunity where few others could. I think it’s also safe to say that she doesn’t put up with much nonsense. We’re looking forward to hearing directly from her today about her plans for making the SBA a better agency,” Chabot noted.

The Main Event: Administrator McMahon Shares Her Goals For SBA

Administrator McMahon shared her own personal story as an entrepreneur who overcame difficulties to start her family’s small business. She told the Committee that this experience will help to better inform her work at the SBA.

“As I have visited small business all over the country, I have seen that same resiliency over and over again. Entrepreneurs are fighters,” Administrator McMahon said. “They work hard, and when they get knocked down by a recession or a natural disaster or simply a change in consumer demand, they turn to their creativity to make it better. But sometimes they need a helping hand.

“Now that I am the SBA Administrator, I am committed to ensuring that our agency is as strong as it can be to lift up as many entrepreneurs as it can,” McMahon pledged. “My commitment extends to make sure that all services we offer to our customers are delivered effectively and efficiently and, most importantly, that SBA and our partners are offering what small businesses actually need to grow, innovate, and create jobs. With small business as the driver of our economy, I believe our country will remain strong, too.”

You can view full video of today’s hearing with Administrator McMahon HERE and read full testimony HERE

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