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Chairman Chabot Sends Letter to Federal Trade Commissioner Urging Action on the Equifax Data Breach

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Washington, September 12, 2017 | Sarah Althouse | comments
WASHINGTON – This week, House Small Business Committee Chairman Steve Chabot (R-OH) released the following statement after sending a letter to the Honorable Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Acting Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), about the Equifax data breach affecting 143 million Americans’ personal information:

The Equifax data breach is a disturbing reminder that there are cyber security threats that span the grid.  From the Department of Defense, to Fortune 500 companies, to the smallest mom and pop shop in your neighborhood, these threats and breaches must be taken seriously in an ever-increasingly connected economy,” said Chairman Steve Chabot. 

In the letter, Chairman Chabot stated:

“The compromised information includes, at a minimum, names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, as well as credit card numbers for over 200,000 consumers.  The Committee has concerns regarding the cyber incident’s impact on America’s small business community.”

 The Committee called for answers to the following questions by no later than September 25, 2017: 

1. How many small businesses/owners are affected by the data security breach?

2. What steps is the FTC taking to assist its customers who own small businesses to secure their personal information and prevent future fraudulent activity as a result of this cyber breach?

3. What steps is the FTC taking to ensure that small business owners impacted by the data breach will not be adversely affected when applying for credit to start or expand their business operations?

4. What is the current status of the FTC’s engagement with Equifax, and how is the FTC working with Equifax to ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to protect the personal information of Equifax’s customers?

5. What effort, if any, is the FTC making to encourage TransUnion and Experian to take necessary precautions to prevent future attacks?

The full letter can be read HERE.

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