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House Passes Seven Bipartisan Small Business Committee Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives considered seven Small Business Committee bills. All seven bills were favorably reported out of Committee in May and passed Wednesday with bipartisan support. Below are the seven bills:

H.R. 7352 – The PPP and Bank Fraud Enforcement Harmonization Act of 2022 – sponsored by Chairwoman Velazquez and Ranking Member Luetkemeyer.

H.R. 7334 – The COVID-19 EIDL Fraud Statute of Limitations Act of 2022 – sponsored by Ranking Member Luetkemeyer and Chairwoman Velazquez.

H.R. 5879 – The Hubzone Price Evaluation Preference Clarification Act of 2021 – sponsored by Reps. Newman and Salazar.

H.R. 7622 – The Small Business Workforce Pipeline Act of 2022 – sponsored by Reps. Crow, Fitzgerald, Houlahan, and Garbarino.

H.R. 7664 – The Supporting Small Business and Career Technical Education Act of 2022 – sponsored by Reps. Williams and Newman.

H.R. 7670 – The WOSB Program Transparency Act – sponsored by Reps. Houlahan and Tenney.

H.R. 7694 – The Strengthening Subcontracting for Small Business Act of 2022 – sponsored by Reps. Stauber and Mfume.