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ICYMI: Rep. Williams Statement on Being Selected as the Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On January 9, 2023, Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) issued the following statement on being selected to serve as the Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business.

“As a life-long small business owner, I am both humbled and honored to serve as Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business,” said Chairman Williams. “From out-of-control inflation to broken supply chains, I have firsthand experience dealing with the current problems facing America’s job creators. As the Republican majority works on solutions to these pressing issues, it is essential we have a small business owner at the helm of this committee to be the voice for Main Street America. Under my leadership, the Committee on Small Business will be a fierce advocate for free market principles and pro-growth policies that have been stifled during the past two years of the Democrats’ one-party rule. Additionally, this committee will conduct rigorous oversight over the Biden Administration and the costly policies and regulatory burdens wreaking havoc on the hard-working men and women across this great nation. Finally, my colleagues and I will work to highlight the American Dream and the many success stories of our small business owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all corners of the country. I look forward to leading this charge to work on behalf of Main Street America.”