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Chairman Williams Demands Briefing from SBA on Disaster Response Efforts in Maui

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX), Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, wrote to Administrator Isabella Guzman of the Small Business Administration (SBA) to request a staff briefing and other pertinent documents on the SBA’s disaster response efforts in the aftermath of the Maui fires.

Read the full letter here.

Read excerpts from the letter below:

“The House Committee on Small Business (the Committee) was saddened to see the destruction caused by fires on Maui, Hawaii. The lives lost can never be replaced. Survivors are now navigating tremendous recovery efforts. The Small Business Administration (SBA) assists survivors mainly though disaster loans that the Agency has provided since 1953. Unfortunately, Maui survivors are reporting a lackluster government response and thus the Committee seeks information and requests a staff level briefing on the SBA’s response to this tragedy.

“The Committee is keenly aware of the challenges that disaster efforts face and how the SBA helps survivors rebuild. When Americans are in need, the resources their tax dollars fund should, at minimum, work effectively. The Committee is interested in ensuring that these resources are being administered properly. We therefore request a staff level briefing on the SBA’s response to the Maui fires, as soon as possible but no later than August 31, 2023.”