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RFA/SBREFA Brief Summary:

The Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) and Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA) ensure Federal agencies consider small businesses in their rulemaking process. RFA and SBREFA were designed to notify small businesses of proposed agency rules that affect their business and provide them the opportunity to participate in the process. Despite this stated goal, it seems that some agencies are failing to properly implement these measures to the detriment of small businesses across the country.  To better protect small businesses from overburdensome federal rules, the Committee sent letters to 25 agencies requesting information on their compliance with the regulations and how they considered small businesses in their rulemaking. In addition, the Committee monitors proposed rules from agencies and regularly sends letters requesting information about whether the agency properly considered small businesses for those rules.  

List of Initial RFA/SBREFA Letters – 2023:

1.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Army Corps re RFA (HERE)

2.         02.22.2023 – Letter to CFPB re RFA (HERE)

3.         02.22.2023 – Letter to CPSC re RFA (HERE)

4.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Ag re RFA (HERE)

5.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Commerce re RFA (HERE)

6.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Defense re RFA (HERE)

7.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Ed re RFA (HERE)

8.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Energy re RFA (HERE)

9.         02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Interior re RFA (HERE)

10.       02.22.2023 – Letter to Dept of Labor re RFA (HERE)

11.       02.22.2023 – Letter to DOT re RFA (HERE)

12.       02.22.2023 – Letter to EPA re RFA (HERE)

13.       02.22.2023 – Letter to FDIC re RFA (HERE)

14.       02.22.2023 – Letter to Federal Reserve re RFA (HERE)

15.       02.22.2023 – Letter to FERC re RFA (HERE)

16.       02.22.2023 – Letter to FTC re RFA (HERE)

17.       02.22.2023 – Letter to HHS re RFA (HERE)

18.       02.22.2023 – Letter to HUD re RFA (HERE)

19.       02.22.2023 – Letter to IRS re RFA (HERE)

20.       02.22.2023 – Letter to NLRB re RFA (HERE)

21.       02.22.2023 – Letter to OSHA re RFA (HERE)

22.       02.22.2023 – Letter to SBA re RFA (HERE)

23.       02.22.2023 – Letter to SEC re RFA (HERE)

24.       02.22.2023 – Letter to Treasury re RFA (HERE)

25.       02.22.2023 – Letter to Veterans Affairs re RFA (HERE)

List of Ongoing RFA/SBREFA Letters – 2023:

1.         05.15.2023 – Letter to FTC re RFA Eyeglass Rule (HERE)

2.         05.16.2023 – Letter to SOE re RFA Energy Conservation Standards (HERE)

3.         05.18.2023 – Letter to BLM re RFA (HERE)

4.         06.09.2023 – Letter to USCIS & DHS re RFA Compliance Costs of Immigration Fees Rule (HERE)

5.         06.09.2023 – Letter to FAR Council re RFA Proposed Climate Disclosure Regulations (HERE)

6.         06.22.2023 – Letter to DOE re RFA Battery Rule (HERE)

7.         06.28.2023 – Letter to FDA re RFA Flavored Cigar Rule (HERE)

8.         06.29.2023 – Letter to EPA re RFA PCE Proposed Rule (HERE)

9.         07.20.2023 – Letter to EPA re RFA EPA Emissions (HERE)

10.       07.20.2023 – Letter to DOL and MSHA re RFA (HERE)

11.       07.27.2023 – Letter to SEC re RFA (HERE)

12.       08.03.2023 – Letter to EPA LBP re RFA (HERE)

13.       08.03.2023 – Letter to BOEM re RFA (HERE)

14.       08.03.2023 – Letter to OSHA re RFA (HERE)

Small Business Administration (SBA) Oversight Brief Summary:

The SBA was created by the Small Business Act of 1953 and is the sole federal agency charged with helping and assisting the nation’s smallest businesses. In addition to representing small businesses at the federal level, the SBA also administers numerous programs to assist small businesses with capital, counseling, and contracting resources. The Committee continues to conduct rigorous oversight of the SBA and its programs to ensure that no taxpayer money is the subject of waste or fraud.  In addition, the Committee seeks to improve the SBA to better serve small businesses in a prompt, effective, efficient, and responsible manner.

List of Ongoing Letters from the Committee:

1.         02.16.2023 – Letter to WH requesting appointment of a Chief Counsel for SBA Office of Advocacy (HERE)

2.         03.15.2023 – Letter to Administrator Guzman on the SBA’s Decision Not to Collect PPP loans under $100,000 (HERE)

3.         03.23.2023 – Letter to Administrator Guzman on the Community Navigator Program (HERE)

4.         04.19.2023 – Letter to Administrator Guzman EIDL and PPP Fraud (HERE)

5.         04.20.2023 – Letter to Patrick Kelley on 7(a) (HERE)

6.         04.28.2023 – Follow-up Letter to WH Requesting Appointment of a Chief Counsel for SBA Office of Advocacy (HERE)

7.         05.16.2023 – Letter to Administrator Guzman from Four Corners Requesting a Pause on 7(a) Rule Changes (HERE)

8.         05.25.2023 – Letter to Administrator Guzman (HERE)

9.         06.05.2023 – Letter to Administrator Guzman Requesting Update on PPP & EIDL Fraud (HERE)

Other Ongoing Investigations:

1.         06.07.2023 – Letter to the Global Engagement Center on Censorship of Ad Revenue for Small Businesses (HERE)

2.         06.15.2023 – Letter to DOJ on IP Theft of Small Businesses by China (HERE)